Season Seven

The beauty of this season is that it starts with questions and closes on more questions!  What does it mean to be black today? There is a very interrogative episode with a provocative conclusion to an encounter between great African minds. Of course, these conversations never happened in reality but it is a reflection of the fact that many great African thinkers will never be able to connect and converse. The curation of Africa’s history has been left to a few trained historians, but I believe this is way too important to be left in the hands of a few people. Everyone must become a historian of Africa and make an effort, however small or seemingly insignificant, to document and record our history. 

More questions arose as I was closing this season, and as I read and learn a bit more in the last year. I ask myself simple questions like- Should I change the format for the next season -and complex ones like- Can one consider that Africa’s independence was obtained purely because of the nationalist resistance? Are there other parameters worth learning about?

You might see many changes in the next season, stay tuned!