Season Two

If you asked me for one word that best describes this season, I would say “freedom”. You will notice that the episodes focused mostly on countries’ independence processes. You will discover the struggles behind the liberation movements, but I must say a 7-minute episode can only provide limited context and background to the “relatively questionable” freedom that African countries enjoy today. Any fight has its own heroes (perceived, self-declared or real ones), and these episodes attempt (and hopefully succeeded) in going beyond the official narratives and delves into the untold/unofficial versions that are less known. The truth is however that the small, sometimes invisible, and seemingly meaningless decisions and actions by thousands of activists, led to what we see, in the surface as independence. In many cases, these decisions and actions occurred outside the country in question, and compounded the political struggles of other countries, including the colonial powers themselves. At the end, I ponder What makes one a hero or a heroine in Africa?