Season One

This season aptly reflects the “raison d’être” of this podcast which is- to match each episode to a specific equivalent date in African history. I still recall my friends being so worried for me when I started this. They were mostly concerned about the perceived lack of major events in Africa’s history to match the dates in the calendar!! I had no doubt the events existed however, the amount of research needed to bring those events to life on the podcast was simply way more than I ever imagined! Being my own researcher, writer, producer, editor, and manager, became an advantage as I could choose my own topic and perspective. Launching a podcast is scary, especially one that reflects on the history of billions of people both on the continent and beyond. There was tension, hesitation, trepidation, and stress but if I was to choose one word to describe this season, it would be “Fun”. I learned a lot, shared, had some sleepless nights but I had fun! Hope you have fun too. One takeaway though for me (and hopefully for you) from this season is the difficult and unavoidable question- Who is curating our history?